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High School Of Applied Communication

High School of Applied Communication

All parents, teachers, and students have the ability to track their records online. HSAC is committed to providing up-to-date test results and concerns regarding student achievement, participation and attendance.

Extra help is available after school to ensure each student has the opportunity to be successful. Teachers at HSAC list all student data in the virtual world allowing us to remain connected and, more important, harness technology to measure student progress.

  • Track Student Progress At All Times
  • Student Data Analysis
  • Mobile Responsive Results & Evaluations

Visual Art

The High School Of Applied Communication

Visual Art

Instructor: Joshua Welch | Course Outline

Visual Art at HSAC consists of a sequenced learning set of aesthetic design skills which begins with Art History. We then have a focus on 1D, 2D, & 3D perspectives within open and closed picture planes. Traditional mediums such as paint, and pastels are applied along with different sculpting mediums. Examples of student work can be seen on all the walls of our school as a visual reference to this unique curriculum.


Utilizing the ever-changing forces that shape the Internet, hardware, software, and mobile monitoring of progress.


The ability to see concepts, designs, and curricula in ways that capture human imagination at all learning levels.


Set the standards of how we should treat one another with reciprocated professionalism.


Honest learning policies guided by strategic principles that foster learning, and establish understanding.


Student Tracking

HSAC enables parents to track student data on a daily basis. Phone calls are made home by bilingual staff members for attendance as well to ensure student accountability.

Student Data Analysis

All student data are listed in a public database for review and updated regularly by HSAC. Special Education and inclusive requirements for IEPs are also listed within the online system at HSAC.

Mobile Responsive Results & Evaluations

All formative and summative assessments are made at the touch of a finger anywhere there is an Internet connection. This allows parents to keep in touch in an online world.