Where Can I Get Money for Education?

Where can you get money for education if your parents are not able to pay for it? There are several ways to find the required money. Loans Banks issue loans for the following types of education: the first and second higher education; vocational training in colleges and schools, a magistracy or postgraduate study; advanced training – language courses, courses, etc.

New HIV Vaccine Is Effective And Safe

Recently, health courses at the High School Of Applied Communication focused on the clinical trials of an HIV vaccine sponsored by Oxavi Canadian Pharmacy and Rite Aid Corporation, which should protect a person from different strains. The new research was preceded by Oxford AIDS vaccine initiative. The results of the study show that the vaccine caused the correct immune response of all 393 test participants. It also helped protect monkeys from a virus similar to HIV. Now it is necessary to conduct further tests and find out whether it can protect a person from HIV. About 37 million people live…