Principal: Abigail Davis

High School Of Applied Communication

Our School does its best to provide advice and guidance to students who want to get the best knowledge in the health sciences. As a principal, I have worked with students for more than ten years to help them get the best knowlrdge. I know that every student is unique. So we offer an individual approach and specialized services working with them to determine their needs and create a school program that provides comprehensive benefits and complies with state regulatory standars.

Abigail Davis

Office Location: Room 519B


Welcome to HSAC! Starting the school year is always exciting and this year is no exception. I am confident we will all embrace this year with a positive attitude and strong work ethic, and will make this the best year academically, socially, and personally.

As an assistant principal at HSAC, I am committed to serving the academic, career, personal and social needs of our community in grades 9-12. Please contact me if you have any questions about HSAC, our course offerings, programming, disciplinary and safety concerns, guidance questions, and extra-curricular activities. I look forward to our journey together.

“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”

John Heywood

My Expertise

Student Affairs

I ensure all discipline codes at HSAC are followed by the student body. While also assisting syudents with their programming needs, I help HSAC students to be aware or part of the clubs and organizations that makes our school so special. Student government, and special event planning is also one of my main areas of expertise.

Curriculum Colaboration

At HSAC we attempt to connect all subjects with cross curricular rituals, routines, riggor, integrety, and interrelated activities. This enables us to communicate as a schoolwide learning community.

Student Guidance

As a school leader I handle student social, and emotional needs to ensure each child is profided the appropriate services as necessary from our departments. Credit Degree Maps, and college readiness is a big part of the student experience here at The High School of Applied Communication.

Always listen to the most important people!

The kids we educate are directing the future paths for those that follow.

Teach them well, and don't hold back your passion...

The High School of Applied Communication has a friendly staff and awesome teachers. I love learning here, and I can’t wait to graduate and see where this success will take me. HSAC gave me a solid foundation for my future and it is amazing to feel like part of a family when in this building.

- Jude Cooke | HSAC Senior

HSAC offers a lot of after-school activities. I love that I have options for clubs like wrestling, table tennis, rugby, and softball, just to name a few. If I ever need help to assist me in learning a new topic or need extra help there are students and teachers always ready to assist me before and after school.

- Harley Holden | HSAC Junior

All classrooms are so clean and neat, and teachers are so organized. The artwork in this school is truly amazing. I feel safe in this building, and the program I have fits my needs. I feel respected here, and my teachers always let me have an opinion, and be creative.

Bradley Gough | HSAC Junior