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30-20 Thomson Ave. Long Island City, NY, 11101, 5th Floor


Office: 718.389.3163 | Fax: 718.389.3427



30-20 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, NY, 11101

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About HSAC

The High School of Applied Communication is committed to developing a productive learning environment that fosters a meaningful and respectful collaboration among students, staff, parents/guardians, and the community in order to achieve common goals. With a strong focus on promoting literacy and communication skills across the curriculum, our instruction is delivered through a standards-based, individualized and authentic learning program. Routines, active engagement, and opportunities to apply new knowledge characterize all classes which supports a culture of responsibility, citizenship, and self-directed, lifelong learning.

HSAC | Faculty Directory

Visual Art

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. Vivaldi | AVivaldi@schools.nyc.gov
Room 536

Studio Art
Drawing | Sculpture | Illustration
Art History

English Language Arts | ELA

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Mr. Greco | FGreco2@schools.nyc.gov
Room 524
Instructor:  Ms. Zarate | EZarate@schools.nyc.gov
Room 532
Instructor:  Ms. Acosta | LAcosta@schools.nyc.gov
Room 530
Instructor:  Mr. Golis | JGolis@schools.nyc.gov
Room 525

Literature & Research
English Language Arts
Classic Literature

English Second Language | ESL

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. Reistetter | JReistetter@schools.nyc.gov
Room 517D

English Second Language | ESL
Push In (Assist students in the classroom Setting)
Pull Out (Assist students outside of the classroom Setting)

Physical Education | Health

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. Campbell | KCampbell@schools.nyc.gov
Instructor:  Mr. Gerard | RGerard3@schools.nyc.gov
Room Gymnasium

Physical Education
Health & Nutrition
Aerobics & Resistance Training

Social Studies

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. Ackerman | SAcerman@schools.nyc.gov
Room 518
Instructor:  Ms. Kelly | DKelly6@schools.nyc.gov
Room 516
Instructor:  Mr. O'Brien | KObrien7@schools.nyc.gov
Room 514

Government Economics
Global History I, II
U.S. History

Technology | Computer Graphics & Interactive Media Design

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Mr. Riese | DRiese2@schools.nyc.gov
Room 534 | Technology Lab

Microsoft & Adobe Certification
Graphic Design | Web & Print
Website Coding & Development

Special Education

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. McCauley | TMcCauley2@schools.nyc.gov
Instructor:  Ms. Allen | DAllen17@schools.nyc.gov
Instructor:  Mr. Abrahamson | OAbrahamson@schools.nyc.gov
Instructor:  Ms Cosentino | JCosentino3@schools.nyc.gov
Room 535 | Special Education Office

Special Education | IEP Process
Push In (Assist students in the classroom Setting)
Pull Out (Assist students outside of the classroom Setting)

Second Language

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Mr. Eller | SEller@schools.nyc.gov
Dedicated Traveling Teacher to Room 532 | 514

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III

Student Advisory | College & Career Readiness

E-mail Directory

Instructor:  Ms. Daly | CGraff@schools.nyc.gov
Room 519A
Instructor:  Ms. Antoine | MAntoine@schools.nyc.gov
Room 506

Student Advisory
College & Career Readiness
Guidance | Social Services